2012 Events

January 22nd           Dutch Open Championships - Netherlands


January 27th-29th    International Instructors Course- Watford, England


February 4th            BBGT - Brighton

March 11th              U13 B/R Belt League Comp - Impact Academy


March 10th-12th      13th INTA Open ITF Tournament - Kilkenny, Ireland


March 18th              Squad Training Session - Impact Academy


March 24th              UKTA English Open - Guildford, Surrey

March 25th              BB Grading - Impact Academy


March 31st-April 1st  Viking Cup - Skovde, Sweden


April 22nd                Squad Training Session - Brighton


April 29th                U13 Y/G Belt League Comp - Impact Academy

May 19th                 Instructors Seminar - Impact Academy


May 19th                 UKTA Welsh Open - Cardiff

May 26th                 Master Seminar - Patterns - Impact Academy


June 30th-July 1st    International Umpires Course - Limerick, Ireland


June 16th                Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha Seminar - Dorking

July 8th                   TKD Impact Open - University of Brighton


July 8th                   UKTA London Open - Guildford, Surrey


July 15th                 Instructor Seminar - Impact Academy

July 21st                 BB Grading - Impact Academy


September 22nd      UKTA Scottish Open - Ravenscraig, Scotland


October 4th-7th       The ITF World Cup - Brighton, England